The Idea and Concept

My idea was to create an image, with a girl who sits at her window on a rainy day. To give beholders the largest possible room for interpretation, I had placed some suggestions.
First of all I made a simple sketch to bring my idea on paper. It was a really fast and simple sketch and... ok I'm not good in sketching. So I work out the concept in Photoshop and started with the modeling in 3ds max. (Fig.01)

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Modeling, texturing and shading


At an early stage I had decided to create the whole background in 3D. No photo or matte painting but rather a real 3D modeled background. I wanted to have the full control about lighting and depth effects so I needed to create a background that looks like a big American city but not especially like New York, Chicago or another one. I had used Google Earth to find an interesting street network, which I could use as reference and build up the ground/ base. (Fig.02)

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I had also used Google Earth and Street View to find some interesting building shapes and recreate them as 3D model but with different textures on it. I copied and divided most of the buildings and used a "random face selection" script to get separate window faces. (Fig.03) I made a diffuse texture for all buildings, for the most buildings a "window illuminated" diffuse texture and an opacity map that I also used as reflection color map. To have more control about texture sizes and quality, the most textures are tillable and not bigger than 512² pixel. (Fig.04) All in all over 40 different buildings in 3 categories. Low buildings with 2 to 4 floors, middle buildings with 10 to 20 floors and high buildings with up to 70 floors. (Fig.05)

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Finally I placed them on the ground. (The blue areas were filled with simple textured boxes for shadows and reflections.) (Fig.06) In the next step I filled the rooftops of the buildings with stuff like water tanks, air conditions, antennas and sat dishes, generator boxes, small gardens, smokestacks, rooftop windows and ladders. (Fig.07) After that I filled the streets with life. That wasn't really important but funny. So I built 4 simple cars, streetlamps and traffic lights, placed some standard trees and mapped some people on planes. (Fig.08)

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In the last step I created a simple environment (only for reflection) composed of a panoramic sky, a panoramic skyline and a ground plane with city top view texture, set a bunch of lights for illuminating the streets and a daylight system for lighting the whole scene. (Fig.09)

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